Saturday, June 18, 2005

Irritating stuff.

Ok so yesterday i was at some Arcade at Jurong Point. What amazed me was the AMOUNT of people there. It was fking crowded. Nv seen a shopping centre like that before.
Maybe cause it was a Friday and yea, parents taking their kids out. Speaking about kids, there was SOOO many kids there. I felt so old man. But thats not the point.

K using my resourcefulness, i found the arcade without much difficulty. Made my Tapz VIP and went to the Ghost Squad machine. In case you dont know what Ghost Squad is, its the game which made Mervin from 4e4 ZHSS spend 2 dollars on and lasted only 20 secs. LOL. Well. I had a few good games. BUT, something happened!

As usual i was Soloing the few missions and just then, some kid and i mean SOME KID juz came in and OHH SO HAPPILY TAPPED HIS CARD AND JOINED INTO MY GAME. Who ever taught him to tap the card should be castrated. It really pissed the usual nice self off. But I din ask him to go away. Well, when he came in, i was doing Misson 2 already. And i went on my usual HOSTAGE route. WTF. What a mistake i made. Being the 'all-so-gunho' KID he is, he went on a killing spree OF the hostages. Like wtf. Too bad he didnt kill himself killing the hostages, he merely MISSED them. Thank god. But if he ever dies, i guess everyone looking behind will be like, accusing me of bullying a small little kid? Like C'mon!. So i kinda failed that hostage part thanks to his gunghoness.
On to mission 3. Yea ohhh sooo greatttttt his mother came and asked him to go home. AND HE DID. And now i was like 1 player on a 2 player difficulty game?
But it was really irritating. Its worse then having KoonLiang as ur teamate for gods sake !!! jk.

Not all about it tho. People was like thinking i spent that extra money for a bullet tanker. WTF. Do i look like i need one? And, due to the extra player, i had to fight the last boss on a two player difficulty. Err, not funny cuz on 1 player needs 3 grenades while on two player need 6. 6 FKING GRENADES!!. Within the same time limit. Thank jesus i completed that.

Well, i noticed some similarities on kids when they play arcade games.
1: They quarrel.
Its true lol. Last time at clementi, i saw like two 'good' friends on a two player game. Lets call player 1: X and player 2 : Y.
So it went. X and Y happily went to the arcade, put their cards in and started the game.
When all seemed well, Y got shot. He lost life. He got shot again. X shouted at Y and scolded him for his inability to aim properly. Eventually, after tanking all the shots, Y died.
Y used a continue and both of them were on the same team again. Now, X got shot a few times, and scolded Y for not saving him. Like WTF? You blamed Y for tanking all the shots for your inability to aim properly and now u got shot u blame him again. It was hiliarious. I didn know what to say. Heaven is fair but Kids will always be Kids.

2: They either button mash or spray at gun games.
I'm sure many of you have seen but kids really button mash at games like Marvel Vs Capcom or Guilty Gear. No, I'm not saying button mashers never win, Bryan's MVC team got thrashed by a Dual Wolverine Masher team.
Button mashing is like squeezing a durian with ur bare hands hoping for some durian juice. You dont know what ya doing, but ya hoping for a result. I admit i used to button mash. But there are like too many kid mashers around. Some kids even mash a game like MushiKing? You know that Beetle Scissors Paper Stone game? Some mash that. LOL. Well, they have a 33 and 1/3 chance of winning so.. yea.
Well some kids really can spray well but. I dont know. It shouldnt be that way!

3: Kids are cheap asses.
Its damn fking true. And so i was waiting for my turn at the GS machine. And so i saw two kids playing two player. One already had the lvl 99 gun. But, his aiming was like, a hunter deprived of sex? It was really shoot bird! You get what i mean. My initial conclusions was that 1: He either smoked through to get to lvl 99. 2: seems unlikely but, he stole the card.
Sad to say, after seeing the high score, i was really right. He stole the card. On the card was like a high score of 950+k, which IS alot and is world ranking class. Only not more then 10 Singaporeans can get to the 1million scoreline and 950k is already 1337. But, to get to that, its not easy. And KIDS WITH SUCH AIMING can never get to that score. Damn cheap. Fact or Fiction? FACT



Blogger 爱也恨 said...

5. Kids love wrestling.

4:48 AM  
Blogger Holla! said...

Nah i love wrestling too. Its really funny when u see grown up men fight over a piece of metal.

12:25 AM  

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