Thursday, July 28, 2005

Common Misconceptions.

You know, its really kinda sad. Theres this misconception about blogging. That son of a bitch( OH NO MY 1st PROFANITY! ) , who left his shit all around my tag board, really muz wisen up.

1: Judging the amount of internet traffic to my blog using the amount of tags i have is pure crap. Its like judging the length of ur dick by the length of ur leg hair. Or maybe judging your Intelligence Quotient by how tall you are. Obviously from this i can tell you are a VERY SHORT GUY WITH A VERY SHORT D!@K

2: I dont blog for fame, I dont care how many people reads my blog, if they like my prose, then its good. If they dont like, I welcome CONSTRUCTIVE comments. Hey, i dont want my blog to be like any Tom, Dick is and Harry's blog you know?

3: Its getting irritating. I hate it when during an argument, people dont support their argument with facts or figures. ( YOUR BLOG POPULAR RITE? POST UR URL LA! DUN FKING KNNCCB COME HERE AND FLAME THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN WITHOUT PROVING UR POINT )

4: Like i said, delete yourself, my balls are shrinking dedicating two posts to an idiot.

5: Stop playing with the Internet Explorer and the keyboard. Your Lego's waiting in ur babypool.


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