Tuesday, July 26, 2005

To the whatever shit.

You know, nothing annoys me further than my blog being invaded by no brainers.

Take a look at that tag board if you guys dunno what i'm talking about.

To what a joke, or unknown, Hi, Thanks for reading my blog, but please leave some constructive comments with some value in it thanks.

1: If you think my blog is boring? Wheres yours? Does ur balls hurt when you read my blog? Then my balls hurt when I'm talking to you.

2: Your comments arent even grammatically correct. quote "what a joke: good job koon liang who send him keylogger"

Its good to have a nickname that describe urself so well! But hey, is making urself the center of riducule so fun? Well, it is, then my blog is ur playground. Koon Liang's a person, not a job. And its Sent you moron. You should say, Good Job to Koon Liang who sent him a keylogger. " See I just helped you pass your english.

3: Oh? I'm fat? Then i'm so sorry that my piece of muscle between my legs is bigger than yours mate. Fine fine, I acknowledge that you are thin.
xxx, you are so thin if you paint urself black and stand in a group of kids in rural Africa, I cant even recognise you!. I mean, who cares!

4. Who ever you are, you are so boring, why dont you delete yourself?



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