Friday, August 26, 2005

Bad day

Today is the day of the Chemistry Practical Prelims. It was the only thing that i could score in cos my Chem Theory is CMI one.

Well, it seemed to be a good day. The beautiful funny dumb until canot dumb Priscilla Reetesh ( or is it Reteesh ) came into the class to mark the attendance. For some reason even non-living things hate her.

Somehow, she got the wrong attendance sheet. Well, my guess is that the admin thinks she is the teacher-in-charge cleaner or something and wants her to chuck the paper for them.

I mean, you cant expect anything much from a teacher who previously used 45 minutes to go through 2 freaking comprehension questions.


Well, teacher aside, the chem prac was ok. Abit harder than the standard Elim pactice paper tho. Well, thank god i have clever people sitting around me i can just peep refer to what they do and have a rough idea.


Well, my damn toothache acted up again, and it lasted me for the damn whole 45 min bus ride.
I had to like grab my cheeks using my hand, and looked like a damn handsome boy idiot to prevent the pain. And if thats not worse enough, some XXX school malay lian came to sit next me on the bus ride. I mean, i have nothing agaist Malays but I cannot stand those ACBC XMMs. As the usual racist gentlemanly guy i always am, i did not care about them.

Malays are cool people, they win tiger cup for Singapore!


Poped two panadols, i guess its working now, the toothache's not acting up but imm hungry cuz i din eat anything for dinner cuz of the toothache. Gonna eat aspirin if my toothache still stays, zzzz


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