Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Simple Sad Life

It came all of a sudden. Images of my pathetic past just came flashing back to my mind. Repercussions?
I can hardly make a joke out of it in my post. Its just.. Very sorry.
That hidden part inside my brain just resurfaced, the unhappy past.

I am not a popular guy. I dont have much friends. I look at envy where hoards of friends go home together while I usually go home alone. Probably not a popular bus service? I dont know.

I hadnt gone to town in a loonng time. Busy? Its probably an excuse.

I treasure my friends, Dustin, Bryan etc, just to name a few. But, I ponder to myself 4-5 years down the road, when everyone has made new friends, adapted to new surroundings, what's in for me? Will I be able to make new friends? Will I be able to adapt to the surroundings? I seriously do not know.

Friends are the most important thing happened to man ever since condoms the air conditioner.

If u are rich, but have no friends to share your joy, whats the point?
If u are poor, yet have friends to share weal and woe, thats joy.

I dont know what suddenly jolted the pessimistic mind of mine but its really food for thought.

4-5 years down the road. I gotta be more serious. I gotta be less jokey, ( or lame ). I'm earning a living for god's sake. No more dilly dally.

yea, the usual sayings come to mind. Forget about the past and live on with life blah blah blah.. But if we dont relook at the past, we would take everything infront of us for granted and when we lose them, we cry. Crocodile tears.

I tell myself. Online friends are not the way to go around. I should interact with new people, meet new friends. Yet, I dont. Irony.

I am supposed to be in bed right now but I feel that I should get this off my chest. Get this demon off my chest.

I dont know about the future nor i wanna know what it has in store for me. I will probably die of starvation.


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