Friday, September 30, 2005











Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Due to some constructive comments i had just now. I will like to say.


Looking back at it, it was really amusing. I could actually type out all those crap out. Sorry to any parties involved.


I still miss you, e>ỊssaГ,

And always will.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Image hosted by

No not this.

Its the Hurricanes that have been causing more damage then the Blitz itself. I pity those people who had lost their loved ones during this few days of catastrophe.

I've lost something dear to me too. More of I cant take it back. No casualty, no death involved. If anyone were to die, I rather be me.

I'm sorry to everyone for posting a sad entry every alternate days, but I JUST CANT HELP IT!

I hope that the Hurricane can rip America and me as well too.


Miss you loads, e>ỊssaГ.

I really do.

Monday, September 26, 2005


Was really bored for the past few days. So, I clicked Image hosted by and went to play a game that has many people baffled. As long as I am baffled, there's bound to be people like me too.

Solitaire is teh game.

Well, after 245313613613131244242424 2 restarts to the game. I finally achieved a personal best!

Image hosted by
See, the M? Ba la ba ba ba!

Well, feeling that my luck is kinda good, I started a new game, attempting to break my record.

It started well.

Well, it kinda dragged on.
Image hosted by
The queen loves me, she keeps looking at me.

and on.

Image hosted by
See what i mean?

and on...

Image hosted by

And so I pondered. After one night, I finally found it!

Image hosted by
Stop staring bitch.

The time actually resets!

I now believe that all those talk that Solitaire can be completed is all complete bull....

after being stuck at the same screen for 1 night.


I've added music to my blog! Thanks to Kenny Sia for his help :)

Saturday, September 24, 2005

What will you do?

What will you do, if you stare at the MSN Messenger window and that particular contact stays red?

What will you do, if you suddenly lose contact for some unknown reason for two months?

What will you do, if you look at ur handphone and it stays stangnant for 2 weeks?

What will you do, if you suddenly got blocked in msn for nothing?

Apparently, this is happening to me right now.

Everything happening to me now has happened to me about one year ago. Those were one of THE worst times of my life. Totally lonely.

I had my friends to depend on last time. But now, everyone's mugging. No choice, I gotta depend on my stuffed doggy now.

Thats one reminisence that I DONT want it to ever happen again.


Listening to : Harry-Gregson Williams - Debriefing
Sorry, this sad song just suits my feeling THAT well.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Lonely, Dejected, Poor, Hungry.

Well, after spending a MASSIVE 10 dollars on LAN gaming today, I really kinda regretted it.

After missing the bus stop (as usual), I ended up in Queensway, a place not too far from my home. Well, because of the long one hour trip, I got really hungry. Went to the IKEA nearby, wanted to eat some hotdogs but, as i looked into my wallet. Only these few items were left in it.

1 one-dollar bird note.
1.55 worth of coins.
1 Ghost Squad Card
1 Expired Cashcard
A whole lot of old neoprints.

In the end, I had to go hungry because I've promised myself that I wouldnt use that 1 dollar and thats that. Well, that Hotdogs cost 1.70. Damn. 15 cents short. Hungry

So i used the toilet as I needed to take a leak. Walked all the way back to the bus stop and waited for my bus home. At that point of time, I felt really dejected and lonely. I needed someone's companionship. But, as usual, I got none.

So i thought, yeah, I could buy a drink at a nearby coffee shop at my house before going home. So my bus came arrived. Put in the student fare of 55 cents into that dispenser as my mom had taken my EZ link to top up.

Money left in Wallet : 1.55- 0.55 = 1.00

But, if my day wasnt bad enough, that bus driver wanted me to pay adult fare as I was in my class jersey. Well, that 1.55 bus fare took me 5 stops to my home, and it made me even hungrier.

I dont want such a lifestyle after 10 years. I want to live comfortably with the one I will and always love. I dont want to be lonely, dejected, poor and hungry 10 years from now. I want companionship. All I want is to go through thick and thin with the one I love.


Sorry for the heavyness of this post but, here I am, lonely, dejected, poor and hungry typing this post out.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

HIyahh!! I'm Backk!!!

yeah. Whatever.


Was like surfing Friendster out of pure boredom. I kinda realise, I kinda suck at making friends! Everyone's Friendster is growing while mine has gone stagnant. Its really quite disheartening really. I COULD TRY going to #teens and advertise like every other guy in that channel.

Well, I kinda like friendster for one thing. This.

Image hosted by
I'll try attracting girls in my bathroom next time

Wow. A win,win,win solution! I get to hook up with girls, I get to not get rejected, and to top it all off, I get tipped! $$$!!

But heck, I rather take the $$$ and walk away. I no greedy person okay?

Anyways, I only want one girl in my life. Not Women! Having 30 brilliant children and 15 enstranged girls is NOT what i want to not have.


Come to think of it. In this world of ours, we really need a job or something. Someone told me something really meaningful.

'Whats the point of treating your girlfriend to a movie with your mother's money?'

I'm gonna work damn hard then treat my girlfriend ( if i gonna have one ) to all the movies we can watch. With my own money. More meaningful huh.

But till I got my job and yadahyadah, its gonna be her treating me! :)


Current Listening to : Cynthia Harrell - Snake Eater ( Metal Gear Solid 3 OST )

Friday, September 16, 2005

Pure Contradiction.

Its really sad. This is a contradictory world out there. Lousy people get to stay at the top while the better ones are always being looked down upon. Why i say this?

Yea as you people have already guessed, the person I'm talking about is none other then Xiaxue.

If u people have observed closely to the blogosphere, you guys may know that Xiaxue was being hated by the KL masses for her 'little' dig at KL. Well, you see, she had a bad experience and started to insult KL in general and being a racist shit. like she wasnt before

Well i aint gonna harp about this matter as I wont waste my time explaining to the various fanbois who only do this when they log on to the internet.
And hereby i present all of you to my newest book....


1: Open Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox

2: Go into the address bar, type in

3: With the mouse wheel, scroll down to find any pictures.

Now, I shall divide this guide to cater for two scenarios if different pictures do appear.

If u see a XiaXue pic, please read on to Step 4.1
If you in any case see a male picture, please proceed to Step 4.2

4.1: Enlarge the prick picture, stare and gawk at it for maybe 2 hours for maximum pleasure, then kiss the computer or do whatever pervertic shit to it.

4.2: Open photoshop, and with the LEAST imaginative thoughts, graffitize it because the person in the picture should be yourself and not that particular guy.

Anyways, both scenarios all lead to the final step.

5: Dont care about the prose or anything, click X to the browser and congratulate yourself for a job well done!


This is just a preview of the book, please get it at any nearby mama-store. Thank god i'm nice to print out the one, and only one, chapter from the marvellous book of mine. :) Autographs are given for free. :) Told ya I'm nice!
ps. The characters in this book is purely fictional, any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.


Anyways, enough the fanboi crap. But heyheyhey, I'm actually dedicating another post to Xiaxue! Great Singapor Sale dammit!

Anyways, I'll let the pictures do the talking. ( Parental Guidance is advisory )
Compare this excerpt,
Image hosted by

With this.

Image hosted by

My english aint that bad but I do know the difference between Image hosted by and Image hosted by you know. Talk about irony.

So you telling ur fanbois that that is ur first time getting ur hair treated in ur whole life and it happened to be in XXX shop? I dont know! I'm suprised no one actually pointed out this mistake. Shows the amount of fanbois she have haha!

But thats not the only contradictory thing in her blog!
Take a look at this.

Image hosted by

So we do pay for the books we read huh. But let me ask you one simple question.

Do you pay for the paper u write on? In this case its webspace. Do u pay for a oxygen u breath in? Do u pay for ur photoalbum hosting?
For goodness sake, you are using a damn free website and you actually got the audacity to ask for donations.

So what if we donate, in the end, only your face gets thicker,( from the extra mabelline or loreal ), while you, not even a thank you. And in the end, you will blame ur fans, the people who donate, about riding UR own GODDAMN fame yadahyadahyadah.

Talk about biting the hand that fed you.

Please get this one point straight.


So before u flame anyone on riding ur fame, think about it, IT IS US WHO GAVE IT TO YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Someone kill me. Dead anyway

I've lost my mood to study.

I've lost my appetite.

I've lost any sense of feeling.

I'm feeling hot all over.

Dengue perhaps? Kill me then. Life has no meaning already.

Someone please put a bullet through me. PLEASE! PLEASE PUT ME OUT OF THIS AGONIZING WORLD!


Well, time to talk my last words to my stuffed doggy.


Whilst talking to it him, thoughts just raced through my puny brain. What is the real truth? What exactly is the truth we know?

We humans, when in wrong, push the blame to others. We delete the actual truth that we cannot accept from our minds and reprogram it so that it suits us, we rewrite the truth.

What is true in this world? Humans can rewrite the truth whenever they deem fit, then, is there anything worth believing in this world?

Doesnt concern me though, as this world, is in fact, meaningless already.

Friday, September 09, 2005

doh! DoTA assholes.

Ok. I confess, I slept at 5am yesterday earlier today. Why? Was caught up with some so-called DoTA pros who were like stinking their asses at me in #nodota. Gonna post the log here somewhere. Its utterly irritating. Nothing irritates me than meeting some people who think they are damn frigging pro all cuz they kept fighting amongst the frogs in their little well. Chinese call it erm..


Image hosted by
bam bam!

Anyways, its like erm John Bradshaw Layfield, (in case you people dont know who is he, hes a quite infamous wrestler from Smackdown! who actually held the WWE Championship for a record 10 months? Longest in the decade.) well achieving that feat. Well, as many of u may ask, why from DoTA talk to WWE?

You see, when JBL was out there amidst all the boos and jeering, annoucing his feat, the manager came out and said something quite meaningfull.

'The only reason why you held this title for so long is because Triple-H is at RAW.'

See the link? My point is that, the only reason why Singaporeans actually do well at WCG is because Clan TDA ( the clan taht started it all ), is located in the US. If TDA were to come down to Singapore, we'll see if those Singaporeans still have that smug little asses down there.

It's really annoying to see people get all smug over a damn computer game. Like OMGWTFBBQ? So what you are good at computer games, you get pWnEd in the real, outside world. Your superiors aint gonna give a shit if u are a dota champion in SINGAPORE or whatever, you dont do ur job well, off u go. Some DoTA champion eh?


Image hosted by

Haha even those losers are laughing at Singaporean's childishness.

Great Singapor Sale

I am worth $1,865,056 on

So girls, what are you waiting for?


I'm bored to tears.

Well you see my damn comp was infected with a virus and it crashed. So, i gotta reformat every single thing, every game, every album. Arghh.

So henceforth i am bored.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

DoH! games again!

Well, I just completed Metal Gear Solid 2 : Substance. The so-called game that people bought their PS2 for. Well, it certainly lives up to that rank. Wonder why Bryan doesnt play this game. He'll enjoy this game other than MvC2. I downloaded got the PC version one tho. Now theres this sense of emptyness after i completed it :(.

Image hosted by
Nevermind that person on the right, hes a man.

Only one word for it.


Music : WOW
Gameplay : WOW
Graphics : WOW

Yeah, i admit i'm a MGS fan since i was young. Back in the old days where PS1s ruled the world. Back in the old days where Gamecubes actually mean...

Image hosted by
Lo and behold! Da Gamecube of the 20th century.

Anyways, back to the game.

Storyline's superb if u ask me, simply one of the best storylines out there. Its not your usual Final Fantasy Flick (FFF), where you chop the last boss and watch the movie, thats that, story ends. NO. MGS is not like that. Yeah you do chop up the last boss, but, the story still continues. Its like a whole big timeline.

Dig this, the actual story timeline actually spans from the old SNES MGS days to the going-to-be-released PS3. The story is so gripping that people actually buy the ps2 for this game! And imma gonna buy the PS3 for the next installment of this saga.

Anyways, the only reason why MGS had not reigned supreme over FFF is because of the massive amount of gamers who go for action and doesnt care about storyline, or probably dont understand the storyline.

Search Metal Gear in and you will see a whole chunk of information about the story in MGS. Its not your usual bad-good guy game. The plot is umm, nah, if you wanna know, go check it out yourself, it'll take me a whole day to actually say out the plot of the whole story. I myself, cant really grasp the actual story either :). Its that complex! Lets say, the people above you are the ones concealing everything from the world while the bad guys are the only ones telling the truth. Get that? But thats not all, arghh, cant remember those other stuff. In other words, MGS rocks.

Well, enough of the plot, well, you really gotta play to believe it. Now about the gameplay.

WOW. This is not the usual hack-and-slash game. You are supposed to sneak and not kill! And dig this, usually when u advance in games, you grow stronger and the enemies become like dirt. But in this, everyone is equal, you and the enemy. One wrong move, and you will be facing tens of soldiers firing at you. Pretty cool huh?
Thats is what this game stand out from other games.

Hmm, music? Yeah, the popular mgs theme comes back, but with it also several new music that will grip not only your sight but ur hearing as well. The voice acting in this game would also win an emmy if u ask me. Its just so real!

And to top it all off, this game has TEH BEST opening movie ever. The one that you put the disc in and do nothing and they show u a movie intro. And also the movie which screens when u start the game. Both, just rocks. You gotta see to believe it.

Graphics wise? WOW. Not perfect though, but the cutscenes are really eye candy. You gotta take your hat off for this 2003 game. Back when Doom3 was still in the works.

Well, looks like I'm done with my 'advertisement' of MGS. Just play it, it rox.

So the next installment is MGS4. Which is actually a continuation from MGS2. What about 3? Its actually dating the events all the way before MGS and the SNES versions. Its like a prologue and stating how it all began.

Image hosted by
I want this for christmas seriously. err nevermind that guy holding the baby, you gotta play MGS2 to know.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Full. Very, I am

Yes, I just ate my supper that is supposed to last me till 3am. Burger and Fries. Such things cant last, just like some things.

We learn alot of stuff through out our lives, same here. The MOST important lesson that I learnt is that : When the chance comes, take it, or lose it.

Countless times, I regretted not taking THAT chance, in the end, came out to nothing. Also, NEVER take things for granted. Ditto above.


Hmm, when i have a family, I WILL never ask my children to immerse himself in books while he's young. Never.
Why do i not encourage my child to immerse himself in books in this overly-competitive country like Singapore?

Well, from real life examples duh.
I DARE say that those intellectuals will be the 1st one to die during a war or a natural disaster. Why? They have clearly lost their power to adapt to books.

I have a cousin. Her father is a army Major, her mother is a OL. They have a maid. Cool right? But dig this...

One fine day, the maid is away for some reason. The TV suddenly goes grey, they thought the tv is spoilt and left it there like for the whole day until the TV repairman came. He came, and found out that the main wire is out and all it needed was a plug in, no screws what so ever.

Thats a perfect example of what an person who buries himself in books will do. Look for help even before trying it yourself. (You see, books DO NOT teach them how to solve life's little problems, how to react when in trouble ) In a war, these group of people will as usual turn to their maids or look for help and when they discover that there is none, they rot to death because they do not know how to ADAPT.

Parents nowadays keep bringing their kids to tuition centres at a very young age. What they do not know is that, this stifles the kid's power to think, to actually think for themselves.

When these kids grow up, and their parents pass away, they can do nothing but rot, because no body is telling them what to do. Their parents is gone. This is a major problem.

Why do many succesful entrepeaneurs normally come from average families and have not alot of education? Because they are not spoon-fed and they learn much more lifeskills ourside of books. These lifeskills will make them succesful.

I want my kid to be succesful too. So that i can leech live off him!