Friday, September 09, 2005

doh! DoTA assholes.

Ok. I confess, I slept at 5am yesterday earlier today. Why? Was caught up with some so-called DoTA pros who were like stinking their asses at me in #nodota. Gonna post the log here somewhere. Its utterly irritating. Nothing irritates me than meeting some people who think they are damn frigging pro all cuz they kept fighting amongst the frogs in their little well. Chinese call it erm..


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bam bam!

Anyways, its like erm John Bradshaw Layfield, (in case you people dont know who is he, hes a quite infamous wrestler from Smackdown! who actually held the WWE Championship for a record 10 months? Longest in the decade.) well achieving that feat. Well, as many of u may ask, why from DoTA talk to WWE?

You see, when JBL was out there amidst all the boos and jeering, annoucing his feat, the manager came out and said something quite meaningfull.

'The only reason why you held this title for so long is because Triple-H is at RAW.'

See the link? My point is that, the only reason why Singaporeans actually do well at WCG is because Clan TDA ( the clan taht started it all ), is located in the US. If TDA were to come down to Singapore, we'll see if those Singaporeans still have that smug little asses down there.

It's really annoying to see people get all smug over a damn computer game. Like OMGWTFBBQ? So what you are good at computer games, you get pWnEd in the real, outside world. Your superiors aint gonna give a shit if u are a dota champion in SINGAPORE or whatever, you dont do ur job well, off u go. Some DoTA champion eh?


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Haha even those losers are laughing at Singaporean's childishness.


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challenge them to a game or something la.

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