Wednesday, September 07, 2005

DoH! games again!

Well, I just completed Metal Gear Solid 2 : Substance. The so-called game that people bought their PS2 for. Well, it certainly lives up to that rank. Wonder why Bryan doesnt play this game. He'll enjoy this game other than MvC2. I downloaded got the PC version one tho. Now theres this sense of emptyness after i completed it :(.

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Nevermind that person on the right, hes a man.

Only one word for it.


Music : WOW
Gameplay : WOW
Graphics : WOW

Yeah, i admit i'm a MGS fan since i was young. Back in the old days where PS1s ruled the world. Back in the old days where Gamecubes actually mean...

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Lo and behold! Da Gamecube of the 20th century.

Anyways, back to the game.

Storyline's superb if u ask me, simply one of the best storylines out there. Its not your usual Final Fantasy Flick (FFF), where you chop the last boss and watch the movie, thats that, story ends. NO. MGS is not like that. Yeah you do chop up the last boss, but, the story still continues. Its like a whole big timeline.

Dig this, the actual story timeline actually spans from the old SNES MGS days to the going-to-be-released PS3. The story is so gripping that people actually buy the ps2 for this game! And imma gonna buy the PS3 for the next installment of this saga.

Anyways, the only reason why MGS had not reigned supreme over FFF is because of the massive amount of gamers who go for action and doesnt care about storyline, or probably dont understand the storyline.

Search Metal Gear in and you will see a whole chunk of information about the story in MGS. Its not your usual bad-good guy game. The plot is umm, nah, if you wanna know, go check it out yourself, it'll take me a whole day to actually say out the plot of the whole story. I myself, cant really grasp the actual story either :). Its that complex! Lets say, the people above you are the ones concealing everything from the world while the bad guys are the only ones telling the truth. Get that? But thats not all, arghh, cant remember those other stuff. In other words, MGS rocks.

Well, enough of the plot, well, you really gotta play to believe it. Now about the gameplay.

WOW. This is not the usual hack-and-slash game. You are supposed to sneak and not kill! And dig this, usually when u advance in games, you grow stronger and the enemies become like dirt. But in this, everyone is equal, you and the enemy. One wrong move, and you will be facing tens of soldiers firing at you. Pretty cool huh?
Thats is what this game stand out from other games.

Hmm, music? Yeah, the popular mgs theme comes back, but with it also several new music that will grip not only your sight but ur hearing as well. The voice acting in this game would also win an emmy if u ask me. Its just so real!

And to top it all off, this game has TEH BEST opening movie ever. The one that you put the disc in and do nothing and they show u a movie intro. And also the movie which screens when u start the game. Both, just rocks. You gotta see to believe it.

Graphics wise? WOW. Not perfect though, but the cutscenes are really eye candy. You gotta take your hat off for this 2003 game. Back when Doom3 was still in the works.

Well, looks like I'm done with my 'advertisement' of MGS. Just play it, it rox.

So the next installment is MGS4. Which is actually a continuation from MGS2. What about 3? Its actually dating the events all the way before MGS and the SNES versions. Its like a prologue and stating how it all began.

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I want this for christmas seriously. err nevermind that guy holding the baby, you gotta play MGS2 to know.


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