Saturday, September 03, 2005

Full. Very, I am

Yes, I just ate my supper that is supposed to last me till 3am. Burger and Fries. Such things cant last, just like some things.

We learn alot of stuff through out our lives, same here. The MOST important lesson that I learnt is that : When the chance comes, take it, or lose it.

Countless times, I regretted not taking THAT chance, in the end, came out to nothing. Also, NEVER take things for granted. Ditto above.


Hmm, when i have a family, I WILL never ask my children to immerse himself in books while he's young. Never.
Why do i not encourage my child to immerse himself in books in this overly-competitive country like Singapore?

Well, from real life examples duh.
I DARE say that those intellectuals will be the 1st one to die during a war or a natural disaster. Why? They have clearly lost their power to adapt to books.

I have a cousin. Her father is a army Major, her mother is a OL. They have a maid. Cool right? But dig this...

One fine day, the maid is away for some reason. The TV suddenly goes grey, they thought the tv is spoilt and left it there like for the whole day until the TV repairman came. He came, and found out that the main wire is out and all it needed was a plug in, no screws what so ever.

Thats a perfect example of what an person who buries himself in books will do. Look for help even before trying it yourself. (You see, books DO NOT teach them how to solve life's little problems, how to react when in trouble ) In a war, these group of people will as usual turn to their maids or look for help and when they discover that there is none, they rot to death because they do not know how to ADAPT.

Parents nowadays keep bringing their kids to tuition centres at a very young age. What they do not know is that, this stifles the kid's power to think, to actually think for themselves.

When these kids grow up, and their parents pass away, they can do nothing but rot, because no body is telling them what to do. Their parents is gone. This is a major problem.

Why do many succesful entrepeaneurs normally come from average families and have not alot of education? Because they are not spoon-fed and they learn much more lifeskills ourside of books. These lifeskills will make them succesful.

I want my kid to be succesful too. So that i can leech live off him!


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Blogger Elisha said...

I disagree. I don't think books are th reason why people ask help instead of trying to fix things on their own. It is because their parents pamper them too much. They spoil their kids so their kids never learned how to work so they depend everything on others.

This is evident because just as you said, they have a maid to do everything for them.

I am a bookworm and I am very independent because my parents raised me that way. They have trained me to stand on my own two feet, while not letting me live on my own completely. I study in an exclusive school and I could say that I am more indepent than my spoiled classmates. At such a young age, I could commute on my own and do other numerous things on my own.

You can raise indepent kids by teaching them how to do things by themselves and not always spoiling them and giving them whatever they want. It's okay to let them read books, books do make them think. They make you smarter too, take it from me. Also, let them help in the household chores and not always letting the maid to do everything for them. Raising your kids to be independent doesn't mean letting them on their own completely. Give them guidance once in a while, that's your main role as a parent. Teach them what's right and wrong. Kids are still young, you know more about the world than they do. Partake your wisdom with them. That would make them more mature.

Sorry if my comment is long and makes you feel lazy to read them all. I had no idea I had so much to say.

11:32 PM  

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