Thursday, September 22, 2005

HIyahh!! I'm Backk!!!

yeah. Whatever.


Was like surfing Friendster out of pure boredom. I kinda realise, I kinda suck at making friends! Everyone's Friendster is growing while mine has gone stagnant. Its really quite disheartening really. I COULD TRY going to #teens and advertise like every other guy in that channel.

Well, I kinda like friendster for one thing. This.

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I'll try attracting girls in my bathroom next time

Wow. A win,win,win solution! I get to hook up with girls, I get to not get rejected, and to top it all off, I get tipped! $$$!!

But heck, I rather take the $$$ and walk away. I no greedy person okay?

Anyways, I only want one girl in my life. Not Women! Having 30 brilliant children and 15 enstranged girls is NOT what i want to not have.


Come to think of it. In this world of ours, we really need a job or something. Someone told me something really meaningful.

'Whats the point of treating your girlfriend to a movie with your mother's money?'

I'm gonna work damn hard then treat my girlfriend ( if i gonna have one ) to all the movies we can watch. With my own money. More meaningful huh.

But till I got my job and yadahyadah, its gonna be her treating me! :)


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