Friday, September 23, 2005

Lonely, Dejected, Poor, Hungry.

Well, after spending a MASSIVE 10 dollars on LAN gaming today, I really kinda regretted it.

After missing the bus stop (as usual), I ended up in Queensway, a place not too far from my home. Well, because of the long one hour trip, I got really hungry. Went to the IKEA nearby, wanted to eat some hotdogs but, as i looked into my wallet. Only these few items were left in it.

1 one-dollar bird note.
1.55 worth of coins.
1 Ghost Squad Card
1 Expired Cashcard
A whole lot of old neoprints.

In the end, I had to go hungry because I've promised myself that I wouldnt use that 1 dollar and thats that. Well, that Hotdogs cost 1.70. Damn. 15 cents short. Hungry

So i used the toilet as I needed to take a leak. Walked all the way back to the bus stop and waited for my bus home. At that point of time, I felt really dejected and lonely. I needed someone's companionship. But, as usual, I got none.

So i thought, yeah, I could buy a drink at a nearby coffee shop at my house before going home. So my bus came arrived. Put in the student fare of 55 cents into that dispenser as my mom had taken my EZ link to top up.

Money left in Wallet : 1.55- 0.55 = 1.00

But, if my day wasnt bad enough, that bus driver wanted me to pay adult fare as I was in my class jersey. Well, that 1.55 bus fare took me 5 stops to my home, and it made me even hungrier.

I dont want such a lifestyle after 10 years. I want to live comfortably with the one I will and always love. I dont want to be lonely, dejected, poor and hungry 10 years from now. I want companionship. All I want is to go through thick and thin with the one I love.


Sorry for the heavyness of this post but, here I am, lonely, dejected, poor and hungry typing this post out.


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