Monday, September 26, 2005


Was really bored for the past few days. So, I clicked Image hosted by and went to play a game that has many people baffled. As long as I am baffled, there's bound to be people like me too.

Solitaire is teh game.

Well, after 245313613613131244242424 2 restarts to the game. I finally achieved a personal best!

Image hosted by
See, the M? Ba la ba ba ba!

Well, feeling that my luck is kinda good, I started a new game, attempting to break my record.

It started well.

Well, it kinda dragged on.
Image hosted by
The queen loves me, she keeps looking at me.

and on.

Image hosted by
See what i mean?

and on...

Image hosted by

And so I pondered. After one night, I finally found it!

Image hosted by
Stop staring bitch.

The time actually resets!

I now believe that all those talk that Solitaire can be completed is all complete bull....

after being stuck at the same screen for 1 night.


I've added music to my blog! Thanks to Kenny Sia for his help :)


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