Saturday, September 10, 2005

Someone kill me. Dead anyway

I've lost my mood to study.

I've lost my appetite.

I've lost any sense of feeling.

I'm feeling hot all over.

Dengue perhaps? Kill me then. Life has no meaning already.

Someone please put a bullet through me. PLEASE! PLEASE PUT ME OUT OF THIS AGONIZING WORLD!


Well, time to talk my last words to my stuffed doggy.


Whilst talking to it him, thoughts just raced through my puny brain. What is the real truth? What exactly is the truth we know?

We humans, when in wrong, push the blame to others. We delete the actual truth that we cannot accept from our minds and reprogram it so that it suits us, we rewrite the truth.

What is true in this world? Humans can rewrite the truth whenever they deem fit, then, is there anything worth believing in this world?

Doesnt concern me though, as this world, is in fact, meaningless already.


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