Saturday, September 24, 2005

What will you do?

What will you do, if you stare at the MSN Messenger window and that particular contact stays red?

What will you do, if you suddenly lose contact for some unknown reason for two months?

What will you do, if you look at ur handphone and it stays stangnant for 2 weeks?

What will you do, if you suddenly got blocked in msn for nothing?

Apparently, this is happening to me right now.

Everything happening to me now has happened to me about one year ago. Those were one of THE worst times of my life. Totally lonely.

I had my friends to depend on last time. But now, everyone's mugging. No choice, I gotta depend on my stuffed doggy now.

Thats one reminisence that I DONT want it to ever happen again.


Listening to : Harry-Gregson Williams - Debriefing
Sorry, this sad song just suits my feeling THAT well.


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